Employment Opportunities

We seek socially responsible individuals that make a positive impact on communities and push the boundary of financial services and will bring a positive impact to Cambodia’s finance sector for others to invest in their future.

Maxima is committed to developing better financial services in Cambodia and enabling its employees to become better in their field.



Available Position

Deadline of Application´╗┐


1Credit Officer31/08/20238 position
2Digital Marketing Officer (intern)31/08/20231 position
3Supervisor Digital Supervisor31/08/20231 position
4Loan Recovery officer31/08/20234 position
5Deputy Head of Risk Department31/08/20231 position
6Duputy of Branch Manager31/08/20235 Position
7Audit Officer31/08/20231 Position
8Internal Control Manager31/08/20231 Position
9internal-audit-supervisor 31/08/20231 Position
10Village-Banker31/08/202318 Position
11Branch-Manager31/08/20231 Position
12recruitment-supervisor31/08/20231 Position
13HR-Supervisor31/08/20231 Position