Job Description of VB

Village Banker

In charge of promoting Maxima’s Credit product in the outermost area of provincial operation. Allowing you to operate near your hometown with an independent working capability using Maxima’s latest technology.

Job Responds

– Promote Maxima’s product and service to the potential customer nearby VBO’s location

– Facilitate customer application the loan

– Evaluate loan application, and enter data entry into the credit system

– Provide feedback to the committee of creditors for approval

– Prepare and print out loan document for disbursement

– Keep loan documents in safety place

– Follow up loan after disbursed

– Maintain loan quality

– Others assigned task

Candidate’s Qualifications

  • Must be between 18 and 35 years old
  • Stay in community that is recruited
  • At least 2 years in credit experience
  • Good at selling skill, communication, High commitment Honest and Patient at work
  • Be able to use computer Word-Excel
  • High priority for those who have a permanent residence near branch or operation location.
  • Have Own Motorcycle

Why Choose Us

Our Core Values empower us to be empathetic, creative, and result-driven while maintaining our customer-centricity. Our focus is on the “last one mile” with the product/services which meet the real needs of our client, combining innovation, technology with a heart. And all of these will only be possible if we have people like you who will feel how to be valued and pass the same love and commitment to our clients.

Respect, trust, and care for others with a warm heart and genuineness

The real value comes from open culture, innovator spirit, and capacity for problem-solving

Complete things thoroughly with the culture of meritocracy and convergence.


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